Computer glasses

What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses are specifically designed to help protect one’s eyes during long periods of time spent staring at a computer screen. Computer screen glasses are very useful for anyone who works in front of a screen all day (like an office worker) or anyone whose job requires a large amount of screen time. An essential part of most jobs today is time in front of a screen and computer eyeglasses were created to help alleviate the potential undesired effects of prolonged screen use. Often times these computer glasses contain a special lens coating or lens tint, but here at Felix Gray we actually embed our proprietary Blue Light filtering technology into the lenses to block Blue Light. We also apply an Anti-Reflective coating to eliminate 100% of glare to make your eyes happy and comfortable.

Computer glasses started to first emerge with increased computer use. Glasses for computer use were first created to answer the potential problems of the many suffering from constant exposure to screens every day. Up until this point, we didn’t interact with screens as often as we do now, so the need for computer glasses never existed before. As our use of technology continued to expand, the need for computer glasses became more and more clear. In just a handful of years, we’ve come a long way with the transformation of computer glasses. The original computer glasses often featured a noticeable yellow or orange tint, which may have been effective, but were not stylish or professional. Because of the lens tint, people might not have felt comfortable wearing a pair to work every day. We at Felix Gray decided to change that and reinvent computer glasses to be both beautiful and effective.We worked hard to create a virtually clear lens that still effectively filters Blue Light and eliminate glare; and we designed classically inspired frames handcrafted from Italian acetate and German engineered metals.

Why do people wear computer glasses?

The screens of our devices emit something called Blue Light which is a high-energy light that sits next to UV (Ultra Violet) on the light spectrum. People wear computer screen eyeglasses to block Blue Light, eliminate glare, and help combat the potentially uncomfortable effects of prolonged screen use. Many people may feel these effects of harsh screens on their eyes and turn to computer eyewear. Staring at a screen for many hours a day could lead to something called Digital Eye Strain (also known as Computer Vision Syndrome), whose main symptoms may include dry eyes, tired eyes, blurred vision, headaches, or migraines. Glasses for computer use can help reduce these symptoms and make your eyes feel better, which in turn can help you work more productively throughout the day. With today’s digital world, screens are seeming more and more unavoidable. They are an overwhelming presence in our lives so much so that we don’t even think about it anymore. Whether it be at work or at home, screens are a major part of our lives, which is why people use computer screen glasses for protection. Most of the time, computer glasses are utilized for activities that involve long hours in front of a screen (such as working on a computer or after a long day on your laptop studying for finals). They are also often used by avid video gamers who stare at a screen while gaming, or they can be used when people read books on their e-readers or iPads. It is safe and even often recommended to wear your digital eyewear for the entire time that you are in front of a screen (even if that means the majority of your day).

Where can you get computer glasses?

Glasses for computer use are available widely online and are available on the Felix Gray website. We’ve revolutionized the world of computer glasses by upgrading the design and effectiveness. As we mentioned, in the beginning, computer eyeglasses had an orange or yellow lens tint that was distracting, distorted color perception, and could be seen as unattractive and unappealing to consumers. That’s why we reimagined the entire computer glasses experience and offer glasses for computer use that feature virtually clear lenses that still effectively filter almost 90% of high-energy Blue Light and 50% of all Blue Light. We work hard to marry fashion and function and create stylish, unisex frames that appeal to both men and women. This way you can look good and feel good too. We want you to feel confident when wearing your specs and make your eyes feel happy and productive.

Our updated take on computer glasses helps to solve a lot of the issues presented by older versions of computer eyeglasses. Our designer computer glasses are available at an affordable price point in a variety of selections. You can get great quality specs without having to spend a large amount of money. They come in non-prescription, prescription, and reading glasses (which are great if you keep having to get close to the screen to see better). There are many different shapes and sizes so there is something for everyone! Most people tend to prefer glasses that are the opposite of their face shape. For example, if you have a rounder face, then angular glasses in a square or rectangular shape may be a good fit and vice versa for a square face. Of course, this is just a recommendation and is all personal preference! We also expanded our collection of computer glasses to include sleep glasses. Our sleep lenses are an enhanced version of our optical lenses and feature 20% more of our Blue Light filtering technology. They’re clinically proven to help improve melatonin secretion by 2x to help you sleep better, faser, and longer. While they do have a lens tint, they minimally impact color distortion and are a great option for people looking for specific computer glasses to wear before bed.

Computer Glasses for Kids

Glasses for computer use are not just for adults or working professionals. Because of our screen-filled world, today’s children are growing up surrounded by screens in every aspect of life. They have them at home, at school, and, therefore, spend a lot of time in front of screens. This is why we shrunk our popular adult Blue Light filtering computer glasses and created a collection of kids size computer eyeglasses. Our kids glasses come in a variety of style and color options to suit every little one’s wants. They’re available in two size ranges: small (ages 4-8) and large (ages 9-13). These glasses feature our signature proprietary Blue Light technology in their lenses to help your kids’ eyes while they enjoy their screen time. Our kids glasses are also available in sleep lenses if your child is looking for an alternative option for bedtime!

Does insurance cover computer glasses?

You can submit for reimbursement through most vision insurance providers, and all Felix Gray Blue Light glasses are FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) eligible. We accept FSA and HSA dollars for prescription purchases as long as your card is affiliated with a major credit card provider. If you’re purchasing non-prescription glasses, then you should double-check with your vision care provider to establish that they do two things 1) cover computer glasses and 2) if there is a minimum magnification needed for you to get reimbursed. Everything is determined on a case-by-case basis whether or not insurance will cover the cost of your computer glasses. Some or all of the cost may be covered by your vision insurance. If your plan has previously covered other prescription glasses then you should be good to go, but we always recommend double-checking just in case.

When purchasing your computer glasses through Felix Gray, the affordable price point leaves one less thing to worry about. After browsing through our site and our products, select the type of specs you want and then add them to your cart. We offer a 30 day risk-free return policy with free shipping, returns, and exchanges to make the process as easy as possible. If there are any questions with your frames, reimbursements, or anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Experience Team through email, chat, phone, or Facebook Messenger and they will help you out. We hope you love your new computer glasses and find the perfect pair for you!