The Best Men’s Reading Glasses: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for You

Man wearing glasses with green beanie

For most men, wearing reading glasses is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style in the name of better vision. There are plenty of stylish reading glasses for men out there to fit any style, preference, and face shape. Here’s how to pick your perfect pair and feel confident sporting your men’s reading glasses in public.

Do You Need Men’s Reading Glasses?

The most common reason to wear readers for men is to treat a vision disorder called presbyopia. People with this condition lack the ability to focus on objects within an arm’s length, causing blurred vision when reading.

The most apparent sign of presbyopia is having a hard time reading small text and needing to hold books or screens closer to the face. Other symptoms include headaches or watery eyes after reading or using electronic devices. Additionally, men aged 40 and above are at a higher risk of developing presbyopia.

Wearing prescription-grade men’s readers is an effective way to combat presbyopia. Men’s reading glasses come in different strength levels (called diopters) based on the severity of the vision problem. If you’re unsure which to get, we recommend taking a reading glasses strength test.

Even if you’re younger and don’t have any vision problems right now, it’s still worthwhile to invest in a pair as a preventative measure. Felix Gray, for instance, offers Blue Light blocking glasses that help prevent eye strain from prolonged exposure to computer screens.

How to Choose Men’s Reading Glasses

If you’re worried a pair of male reading glasses will cramp your style, there are plenty of stylish men’s reading glasses to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. The key to picking the right pair is to consider the following three things:

1. Fit

Fit should be the number one priority when buying men’s reader glasses. A loose-fitting pair will look sloppy and will be a hassle to adjust constantly. Luckily, most reading glasses, including our Felix Gray eyewear, state the total frame width. This is the measurement of the reading glasses from one end of the frame to the other. The frame width tells you the general fit of the glasses, much like how clothes are measured in S – XL. Widths vary from narrow (124 – 129 mm) to wide (137 – 140 mm).

There are other measurements to ensure you get the best fit. One is the bridge width, measuring the distance between the two lenses. It’s essential to select a bridge width that’s right for your nose, with minimal gapping for a comfortable fit.

The other is the temple arm, the length of the arms of the glasses. You want this to match the length of your temple in order for the eyewear to fit snugly behind your ears.

Pro-tip: most of these measurements are indicated in the temple arm of the glasses. For Felix Gray eyewear, it includes the lens width, bridge width, and temple arm length, listed in that order.

2. Quality

The quality of the materials in a pair of reading glasses is essential because it determines how durable it is. Most pairs come in two types of materials: metal or acetate.

Acetate frames are known for being comfortable, lightweight, and durable. They also have greater variety in terms of colors and styles and are often listed as cool reading glasses for guys.

Metal frames are also durable and can often times withstand damage from wear and tear and substantial impacts. Some metals, like titanium, are also lightweight and hypoallergenic. However, metal frames are sometimes heavier than acetate, which can create added pressure on the nose bridge.

Both acetate and metal frames are viable options, so it all comes down to preference.

3. Style

Glasses have many different styles and often allow you to personalize each pair to your preferences. Aside from the frame color, an important consideration is frame shape. Generally, rounder frames suit more angular faces. Conversely, angular frames are better for round faces.

Here’s a general guideline of which frame shape to go for, depending on your face shape:

  • Square faces work best with round style glasses
  • Round faces would work well with rectangular or square frames
  • Oval faces are the most flexible of the bunch and can work with any frame shape. However, they look best with standard round, rectangle, and square glasses
  • Heart-shaped faces look great in rectangular or cat-eye frames
Clear rectangular eyeglasses on a note pad with a light, phone, and pen on a table

The Felix Gray Collection: Reading Glasses for Men

Felix Gray offers a range of quality men’s readers for any style. Here are a few of our personal favorites:

  • The Faraday is one of our cooler offerings, with its slightly square lens shape. But what makes it interesting is the transparent frame, which adds a stylish twist to a timeless piece.
  • The Carver is one of our more classic reader styles. This rectangular frame looks great on a wide variety of face shapes and is available in three timeless colors. 
  • The Turing is one of our classic pieces. It sports a round frame with an angular accent near the temple arms, making this pair versatile and suitable for narrower face shapes.

We invite you to explore our collection of Felix Gray eyewear with Blue Light filtering technology. Find your perfect pair today.