Do Sunglasses Block Blue Light?

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You may have heard about Blue Light and how overexposure can have adverse effects on your health. If so, you’ve likely heard of Blue Light glasses for protection from mobile devices and computer screens. But do sunglasses block Blue Light emitted by digital devices the same way they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays?

While the answer for most brands is no, Felix Gray’s sunglasses do, in fact, filter Blue Light. Now you can shield yourself with a stylish pair of sunglasses that block Blue Light as well as all other visible light rays. 

But can sunglasses block Blue Light completely? Let’s first take a look at what Blue Light is and the steps you should take to protect your eyes from its harmful effects.

Why Should You Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light?

Blue Light is a type of light that sits right next to the ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight that causes photochemical retinal damage. Because Blue Light scatters more easily, images may appear to have a lower contrast. The lower contrast can cause eye strain, dry, or irritated eyes when viewing a screen for long periods of time.

While Blue Light can be beneficial in small doses during the day, too much Blue Light (particularly at night) can cause your body’s natural circadian rhythm to be disrupted. Blue Light inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep at night (this is why those articles about how to get better sleep always recommend avoiding screens before bedtime). 

According to studies, too much Blue Light may cause retinal damage, which could potentially lead to macular degeneration. Naturally, you’ll want to find ways to protect yourself from the negative effects of Blue Light overexposure. However, today’s digital world makes it nearly impossible to avoid Blue Light. If you don’t currently have a pair of Blue Light glasses, you may be wondering: does wearing sunglasses while on the computer help protect your eyes?

Do Sunglasses Block Blue Light?

The majority of sunglasses are made to filter UV radiation and minimize glare while outdoors. However, does this protection extend to indoor use, and do sunglasses protect from Blue Light? First, let’s take a look at the use of sunglasses for computer screens and how they interact with Blue Light from devices.

Do Regular Sunglasses Block Blue Light?

Generally speaking, sunglasses alone do not provide adequate protection from a screen’s spectrum of light because they’re designed specifically as UV protection glasses. Computer screens typically don’t emit UV rays, and subsequently, regular sunglasses do not offer sufficient protection because they are not designed to prevent Blue Light from passing through the lens. However, Felix Gray sunglasses are in fact specially designed to not only block UV light but also filter Blue Light as well. 

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Blue Light Protection Options

With the use of smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computers at the center of our everyday lives, the potential for overexposure to Blue Light is increasingly becoming an issue. While a pair of polarized sunglasses can help protect your eyes, and particularly Felix Gray’s blue light filtering polarized sunglasses, there are actions you can take to minimize the adverse effects of Blue Light overexposure.

Reduce Screen Time

Minimizing screen time, especially at night, is the best way to avoid the negative impacts of Blue Light exposure. To prepare your body for the rest it requires, avoid using your phone or watching TV for at least one hour before going to bed.

Use Blue Light Glasses

For the most encompassing solution, it’s best to turn to Blue Light blocking sunglasses. Computer screen usage isn’t going away, and the symptoms of eye dryness and strain will only increase unless you take the right precautions. Purchasing a pair of Felix Gray glasses early on can minimize optical discomfort today and protect your eyesight over time. 

Adjust the Lighting in the Room

Try keeping the illumination levels in the room consistent. Eye tiredness most often occurs when you move from a bright screen to a darker section of the room.

Dim Displays at Night

Electronics now have the ability of screen dimming and shifting wavelengths from blue to red throughout the night. Many smartphones and mobile devices have a “Night Mode” option that you can set to start at a certain time. Several manufacturers are also producing light bulbs that emit less Blue Light.

Best-in-Class Blue Light Eyewear

So, do sunglasses block Blue Light? In some cases, sunglasses can offer protection from harmful Blue Light. However, Blue Light filtering glasses are superior to sunglasses for computer use. Investing in Blue Light eyewear can help keep your eyesight in tip-top shape and shield your eyes from dangerous Blue Light.

When it comes to Felix Gray’s glasses, you don’t have to trade elegance for functionality. To discover a pair of glasses that will keep your eyes healthy while complementing your distinctive style, browse our fit guide or virtual try on. Felix Gray’s prescription and non-prescription glasses may be precisely what you need to reduce your exposure, whether you’re looking at a computer screen for long periods or reading late at night on your tablet. Contact us today to try our glasses risk-free!