The Top Affordable Glasses on the Market Right Now

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Buying glasses online is one of the best ways to find affordable eyewear. It was estimated in 2016 that 64% of adults wear prescription eyewear of some kind. It’s also no secret that millions of Americans cannot afford the eyewear they require due to a lack of insurance. This is why finding cost-effective eyewear options is so important.

You don’t need to break the bank to find affordable glasses. But figuring out where to get inexpensive glasses is far from straightforward. You don’t want to resort to cheap affordable glasses. That’s why at Felix Gray, you can choose affordable eyeglasses that fit any price point. Let’s look at where to get affordable glasses for both prescription and non-prescription eyewear.

8 Affordable Glasses Under $150

Affordable eyeglasses are available from Felix Gray. If your medical insurance doesn’t cover eyewear and you must pay out of pocket, you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality or go without.

Felix Gray crafts eyewear for the 21st century and offers countless options to meet your needs. Playing on classic, traditional designs, the glasses are flattering, and the quality is excellent.

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Clear Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light can uncomfortably impact your eyes in the form of Digital Eye Strain. That’s why filtering out harmful Blue Light and providing protection against UV rays and dangerous free radicals can protect your eyesight long into the future.

Felix Gray’s Clear glasses filter 15X more Blue Light and are perfect for daily wear. Check out some of the most popular styles below.

1. Nash

Nash’s frames go further than the traditional square frame and present a style statement with its gorgeous keyhole bridge. Add a nice touch to your frame with some affordable eyeglasses that are a little out of the ordinary.

>> Shop Nash | Starting at $95

Black square eyeglasses
Brown tortoise Kelvin eyeglasses

2. Kelvin

Step up your game with the glasses that bring the classic dip silhouette into the modern era. Kelvin’s angled browline offers a striking frame that’s great for adding sharpness to any face.

>> Shop Kelvin | Starting at $95

3. Tole

The Tole style offers a soft, square frame packed with a signature keyhole bridge. This narrow frame is sure to turn some heads.

>> Shop Tole | Starting at $98

Light brown narrow eyeglasses
Black to clear faded eyeyglasses

4. Hopper

Get affordable glasses that offer the perfect fit. Hopper’s soft, square frame comes in two beautiful designs, including the Manhattan Fade and the Senica Mist. Be bold, be daring with a solidly constructed pair of eyeglasses.

>> Shop Hopper | Starting at $98

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Amber Blue Light Glasses

Felix Gray’s Amber glasses are the most advanced lenses that help to regulate your natural circadian rhythm, preparing your body for a good night’s sleep.

These lenses filter 23X more of the most impactful Blue Light emitted by screens and are clinically proven to increase natural melatonin secretion by up to 2X.

5. Roebling

The Roebling glasses are designed to be simple to wear and light on the face. This round frame style is flattering on most faces and a comfortable fit even when during long hours of wear.

>> Shop Roebling | Starting at $145

Clear round eyeglasses with amber lens

Blue and black rectangular eyeglasses with amber lens

6. Carver

The Carver glasses work with practically any facial shape and are another rejuvenation of a classic style. These rectangular frames are designed for those searching for a timeless look. Choose from a range of frame colors, including Midnight Surf.

>> Shop Carver | Starting at $145

Ivory tortoise sunglasses on white background


Natural sunshine is vital for the mind and body, but you always want to protect your eyes with quality sunglasses. The corneas cannot effectively defend against Blue Light and UV rays from the sun, so it’s especially important to choose a specialized pair of sunglasses for those long summer days.

7. Alexander

Alexander is the twist on the round silhouette. Enjoy a thick acetate frame designed to stand out in a crowd. These Amber glasses blockers are stylish and elegant, with a beautiful ivory tortoise pattern adorning the frames.

>> Shop Alexander | Starting at $105

Ivory tortoise round sunglasses

Round Turning sunglasses in Whiskey Tortoise

8. Turing

The Turing offers a small frame designed for oblong faces. Whether playing in the sun all day or coming out of a dark office, the Turing glasses are designed to be comfortable, professional, and long-lasting. Sample the unique horn color design for fashionable eyewear that look great throughout the summer months.

>> Shop Turing | Starting at $98

Why Felix Gray?

The digital world puts immense strain on the eyes. We understand the need to protect your vision long into the future. Our team has worked to create cutting-edge eyewear at an affordable price.

Browse our Blue Light glasses collection and get in touch with Felix Gray to find out what’s available now. Check out our precision-engineered glasses for indoors and outdoors. Unlike other manufacturers, we sell prescription, non-prescription, and reading glasses that block out Blue Light

Combining the height of style and the most advanced science, reclaim your sleep, help your eyes, and enjoy a full day of uninterrupted screen time, knowing your eyes are safe. Buy your Blue Light blocking glasses now and enjoy a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.